On the job hunt again…

Wow… now that’s all caught up. All my completed projects are now posted. That’s a load off.

Cross-stitch has helped me cope pretty well with the fact that I recently lost my job. I had gotten hired on contract with Intact Insurance as a Personal Lines Underwriter, but my contract was terminated early due to unforeseen circumstances within the company. It’s really unfortunate because I really enjoyed the job. I can only hope I find something that I enjoy as much as that job. I mean sure, the job got a little bit tedious at times, but the people there, and specifically the team I worked with were a fantastic group of people. They made me feel so welcome and very much a part of the team from day one. They even decorated my desk on my last day. It made me tear up some.

Back to coping, I am finding the job search rather stressful, and cross-stitching in my down time is really helping me stay relaxed. It’s something to do that doesn’t cost too much money, and it also helps me feel like I am accomplishing something when my job search doesn’t seem to be going too far. A calming experience for the weekends, when my weeks are so consumed with looking for work. Though I hope to be back to work in no time.

I attended a Networking workshop last week that my employment counsellor (we shall call her M) set me up with. It was incredibly helpful and I can’t wait to start applying the new tools I learned this week. The counsellor who ran the workshop was really very personable and made it a very comfortable learning environment. M also has me signed up for an Interview Skills workshop in the New Year as well as a social networking workshop. I am hoping I don’t need to attend them due to having a new job, but I am signed up for them and prepared to go just in case. I really wonder what this job search is going to bring. I’m a little nervous about it though. I am really afraid that I won’t find something I enjoy as much as the job I had before this. But we shall see… Cross-stitch seems to at least be keeping me grounded.


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