I Survived! …Christmas 2011

Christmas TreeMorning coloursKitties exploring the treeChristmas Tree 2011Happy Christmas to me! :)Oyster Boy!
My boyfriend chatting up my Great GrandmaMom & TomNikki & Lyndon

Christmas 2011, a set on Flickr.

This is a small selection of photos I took during the Christmas season this year. I had such a great Christmas, all things considered.

I loved spending Christmas Eve (or as we called it “Catmas”) with my boyfriend and cats. We had a great little dinner and spent the evening watching The Nightmare Before Christmas and It’s A Wonderful Life. Christmas morning was wonderful and lazy and we spent a lovely evening at my Grandma’s house eating a fantastic turkey dinner with my side of the family. Boxing day was spent with my boyfriend’s side of the family. Slightly chaotic, but good company, good food, and some cute little nephews! Our last Christmas was spent at my mom’s house. First Christmas with the blended family that is hers and Tom’s. I thought it was rather a success 🙂 Very relaxed and comfortable with some good food there too.

It was very exciting having my own Christmas tree with actual presents under it, even if most of them weren’t for us! We had a tree last year of course, but it wasn’t quite the same. I had such a good time giving all the gifts I made to everyone this year. It was just a good Christmas all around! I got Oyster Boy (who I have wanted for a long time) from my boyfriend, and that set the tone for the entire season I think.

And guess what… I survived (And so did my boyfriend…who hates family holidays)!



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