A Song of Ice and Fire Bookmark in Progress

Obviously, I have gotten a little bit behind with my posts and today is catch-up day.

I started my bookmark on Sunday night and have made some good progress. I would say I am about half done (2 of 4 items done). I really like the way the sword turned out however, I wasn’t too sure about the crown. It was very detailed and I wasn’t sure if I was approaching it properly. I have shared my progress with a few people, my boyfriend included, and the only fault they can see in the crown is that it is off-centre. I knew this already and am struggling with it as a completely different issue because it means I mis-counted somewhere. Too late now, I guess. I am seriously considering stitching a second one to fix those issues just because I am a ridiculous perfectionist. Which kind of works out, because I have a friend who has requested this bookmark for herself, and it gives me a reason to make the second one. 🙂

I am hoping I can have this finished by the weekend and start using it as I am in desperate need of a proper bookmark! The little scraps of paper really aren’t cutting it anymore!


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