Interview for THE Job…

Well, I had the interview for THE job yesterday morning. I thought it went very well, and as an added bonus the atmosphere of the office itself is very friendly and comfortable. Wasn’t too difficult to get to either: about a 10 minute walk and then a 20 minute bus ride. Bit longer than my previous job, but still very manageable.

As it turns out, it was interview 1 of a 2 interview process, which is cool. I met with the owner of the office. He was a very nice guy, down to earth, very conscious of the success of his office and how it is dependent completely on the quality of the people who work in the office and how they interact. He basically just wanted to “get to know me” and from there he is deciding who is being called back for the second interview. He said that there were about 100 applicants for the position and they narrowed down to 10 to call for this interview. It will be narrowed from there for the 2nd interview which will be panel interview with the rest of the office employees (4 other people). He mentioned that every person in the office has an equal vote as to if a person gets hired or not. I thought this was a really great and innovative idea, as it is much easier to work somewhere if you like and work well with the others within the office. The ideas he conveyed about how he likes to run his office made the position I applied for even more appealing to me. I am even more excited about this position than I was before. He also hopes to hire very quickly. He wants to have a person hired by the 27th and starting hopefully the 30th of this month of the 1st of next.

Keeping my fingers crossed that I get a call back for the 2nd interview! I feel confident that I am a contender though I am still a little nervous! Getting this position would be amazing, and I think I am off to a great start with the process overall.



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