Weekend – New Project Prep

Over the weekend I decided to splurge a little bit on some new supplies. I was missing a few colours to start a couple new projects, so off I went to get them. This was the result:

New materials for the stash

I am really excited to start my next project which is…… the bookmark my boyfriend and I designed 😀

In the photo, you can also see that I bought some cardstock. The reason was that I wanted to finally make the bobbins that Mollie over at Wild Olive posted quite awhile back. They are very cute and SUCH an inexpensive way to organize my threads! Unfortunately mine don’t look quite as awesome as they could because my printer doesn’t like cardstock very much apparently, and it doesn’t print in colour. Oh well, still look good enough to me, and it doesn’t make them any less functional!

New thread bobbins

Put to good use already

I am loving them already!

That was my excitement this past weekend. Also, my boyfriend was actually home on a Saturday night! It was quite a pleasant change to the usual Saturday routine.



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