Things Just Might Be Turning Around…

Monday has returned and what a Monday it has been!

I started a new employment workshop today working on Interview Skills. I think this one will be especially useful now as well as in the future. I am travelling across the city again for this one, but hey, why not right? If chances are it could help me get a job, it’s worth it.

I say what a Monday it has been mainly because I have an interview on Thursday 🙂 I received the e-mail inviting me for the interview just as the workshop was wrapping up today. Thursday morning at 11:30am. It is for a “manager trainee” position with a company that sells supplemental insurance. Supplemental insurance being insurance of the disability, life, accident, and health natures. The interview is in another nearby city, but the actual position is in the same town my mom currently lives in, so if I get the position, it will definitely be manageable. Here’s hoping it works out! I am definitely feeling like I am on the upswing again, after dealing with a rough couple weeks emotionally after the last rejection. Feeling good today if a little exhausted 🙂

On another note, I had another finish today. I finished A Song of Ice and Fire 2.0. This one being the bookmark for myself. I am very happy with the end result and am very excited to finally have a proper bookmark to use.

A Song of Ice and Fire bookmark 2.0 (a.k.a mine!!!)

And, I am already using it! DAY MADE 🙂

Bookmark in use

A very positive Monday all-in-all. Much more positive than I had expected it to be even considering the snowstorm the buses I ride home were slipping and sliding and fishtailing through. Glad I made it home safely and didn’t end up getting stuck somewhere! Something to laugh about soon I am sure 🙂


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