Interview update and Another Hobby

I just realized that I had mentioned that I had an interview last Thursday and then didn’t post any updates about it. Let’s just say once the interview was about half over I knew the job wasn’t for me. I definitely do not want to be doing commission sales door-t0-door! That’s just not for me. Unfortunately, it resulted in the trip to go to the interview being a bit of a waste of time in that regard. However, I am still optimistic. In fact, I applied for yet another job today that I think will be a great fit for me. All I can do now is hope that I get a call for an interview. It feels good to be feeling the optimism coming back again. I was in quite a rut for awhile after the rejection from what I thought was THE job back in January. Back on track again though!

The weather around home has been gorgeous this week and Spring fever has started to set in quite early! With this Spring fever, the ambition to take up a new hobby has also come about. I have decided this year that I will try my hand at a balcony garden. The plan is to try some herbs…a tomato plant, and maybe even some edible flowers. I am getting pretty excited about the whole thing and the actual planning has commenced.


I have even picked out where on my balcony it will be and this has gotten me even more pumped to get started. Now, I have to determine how much sunlight my balcony actually gets in a day. That should be fun.

Garden corner

I think it is going to be so worth it: fresh herbs and tomotoes…not to mention some fantastic colour to add to salads! I figure I will post about the balcony garden as well as my cross-stitching just to keep things exciting around here. Ahh Spring! I can’t wait!


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