Already onto Something New

I felt so good about finishing my Valentine Heart last night that I didn’t want to stop stitching and moved onto something new right away. This time, it is another bookmark. I started the “Wonder Bookmark”, a freebie from Ship’s Manor. I am running low on a few thread colours in my stash, or I didn’t have them at all so I had to make a few modifications to the colours that this pattern called for. The result is going to involve some deeper richer colours than the original. I am really loving the whole Alice in Wonderland theme of this bookmark as I am a big fan. I have had the pattern lying around for months and have been itching to stitch it! Anyways, here is the progress I have made since last night:

Wonder bookmark from Ship's Manor

I also am planning to start another pattern that I got from glenniz on Etsy. It is a vintage Colt revolver, specifically a Colt New Service revolver. The detail in the pattern is amazing and I can’t wait to see it on fabric. That one will have to wait until I can get some more black thread though. I am pretty much out!


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