A Hectic Week

This week, unfortunately, I haven’t been able to do too much in terms of stitching or planning my garden. It has been pretty hectic. I have been applying to jobs left right and centre and thankfully am feeling much less stressed out about the job search currently. I had the interview on Wednesday which I thought went very well. I am hoping that I get a call back with a job offer sometime next week. That would be super awesome at this point in time.

Another thing that has been keeping me quite busy is planning for a week-long trip I will be leaving for next week Friday. I am very excited as it is a birthday present that my boyfriend and my dad collaborated on. I will be going to visit my dad out west for the very first time since he moved out there almost four years ago. I am pretty excited. I haven’t been that far out west in Canada in my life. It should be a fantastic experience.

Oh boy, and the baking I was doing today! It had me going all afternoon and luckily was very successful. Very little tastes better to me than a slice of still warm freshly baked bread! πŸ™‚

Results of baking today

I am hoping that this weekend will be much more productive in terms of hobbying. I am hoping to finish the ‘Wonder bookmark’ this weekend and start the new project I found that will be for my boyfriend. I am looking forward to stitching it as it is something that fits his own interests perfectly. I also hope to plan a little bit more of my garden. I’m on a rather tight budget so I want to be sure everything fits in. It definitely helps that my mom is helping me by getting some gardening supplies for my birthday. In between the fun stuff I still need to find the time to run errands… Oh what fun this very busy weekend will be!



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