Wonder Bookmark – Finished!

So I have managed to accomplish one of my goals for this weekend. I have finished wonder bookmark! I am really loving how it turned out with the colour changes I made.

Wonder bookmark all finished!

It is missing all the french knots, but this is simply because no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t seem to get them right. Seems that I need a lot more practice with them! On the plus side, I did manage to make a few successfully. That’s a step in the right direction considering last time I tried I couldn’t make a single one!

One of my favourite parts about this piece was all the backstitching detail. I think it really makes it extra beautiful.

Wonder bookmark

I now have this finished bookmark all packaged away to be mailed to a very close friend. I can’t wait for her to get it! I hope she loves it! (It’s a bit of a surprise).

Not sure if I will start it tonight or wait until tomorrow, but the Vintage Colt by Glenniz on Etsy is next! I will be stitching it on the same fabric I stitched this bookmark: 18 count Aida in Oatmeal because I am totally in love with it 🙂

In anticipation of my next TUSAL post, I am finding that my original plan of collecting all of my ORT’s continuously throughout the year isn’t working so well! I will have to a) find a bigger jar, or b) collect my ORT’s one month at a time. This is yet to be determined but I imagine I will figure it out by March I! We shall see… 😉


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