Enter Hero Friend with Garden Stuff!

I love free stuff! Especially from friends! I now have a (I’d say) full complement of gardening supplies. I’m not ready to plant yet, but I think things are well on their way for March! A high school friend (my gardening supplies hero!) of mine is moving out of her apartment and had a bunch of container gardening stuff she needed to get rid of. She knew I was starting a garden, so I was the first one she asked! Of course, I gladly accepted! Here’s what everything looks like now:

My gardening supplies

My best friend is actually really into container gardening herself so I fully intend to pick her brain on how to get all this going and set it all up the best way I can. I figure she will know how to best use all this dirt and what to plant in which pots and whatnot.

More soil/dirt :)

I still need some brackets to hang my window boxes, but I am really feeling like I am getting somewhere now! Can’t wait to plant!


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