A New Quick Finish

I have to admit, I am running out of steam a bit on the Colt project. I haven’t touched it in easily two weeks. However, I did complete a quickie project this past weekend for a friend. It was a fun quick stitch and was a great change of pace. Finished it in a day, framed and everything. I find that it is always nice to change things up from time to time. For this one, a friend showed me a picture of a finished stitch she found online, and I told her I would do it up for her. It was a  feel good project for me as I love making things for other people. 🙂

The latest finish

I figured I would also add a little bit of an update on the job front. Last week, I had two interviews; one with a placement agency and the other with an insurance broker. I am hoping at least one of them ends up working out, and it looks like one just might! I am really hoping that this is finally the end of my job searching woes!


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