Oyster Boy, Some Daffodils, and Some More Practice

I’ve been getting lots of photo practice of late and having lots of fun doing it. I am still using my little old Canon Powershot A720IS, but it’s definitely helping me to understand how to take a good photo. I do realize there is still a whole lot to learn. Anyways, just some of the recent photos I have taken that I would like to share.

Oyster Boy and his book
This is Oyster Boy. I'm not sure if I have mentioned this, but he will be the subject of many photos to come. As well as future Tragic Toys I fully intend to collect.

There are a couple of things with that I’m not happy about this photo and I fully intend to fix them up in the near future. Once I took the picture, I was able to pick out a bunch of things I felt needed to be fixed right away. I was told by my teacher (my boyfriend) that this is a good thing. 🙂

Daffodils blooming - Pretty self explanatory.

This photo is one I attempted while walking around downtown. Again, lots of things to fix up, but it IS properly exposed… Not bad for a first attempt at outdoor photography in full sunlight.

My kit as of 31/03/12
Cross Stitch kit - It's getting full.

This is a photo of my now-very-full cross stitch kit as I call it. I have officially run out of room and will need to purchase new storage if I want to buy anything more. This was just kind of a fun shot I took, well, fun for me anyways. I like it because all the colours are nice and rich — a product of being properly exposed so I have been told. I guess that bodes well for my future endeavours in this area 🙂

In other related news, discussion about the purchase of a digital SLR camera for me has been seriously discussed. Jay and I went into Henry’s today and were able to take a good look at a few different options. I have decided at this point that I am going to go with a Nikon. Right now, it is a matter of deciding between a used D90 and a new D3100. Both have their pros and cons, and some “soul-searching” may be required. BUT owning my DSLR may become a reality sooner than I had expected. It’s something for me to really look forward to, considering I am SUPER STRESSED these days!

(I would also like to share – as seen above – I learned to add captions to photos! Holy crap! :D)


3 thoughts on “Oyster Boy, Some Daffodils, and Some More Practice

  1. Lol that thing looked like it was from another world in that banner. Beautiful snap btw, the lighting is amazing, photoshop ?

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