Happy Easter 2012

Happy Easter folks! And what an eventful Easter weekend it has been…at least for me! It all began on Friday… (fade out to flashback ;))

Friday was a quiet family dinner. Nothing too exciting but it was a good evening with my family nonetheless. I love family time. It was very much a “feel good” evening!

On Saturday, it was a much anticipated day spent with my best friend. We met up at my place around noon and then just went gallivanting about the area basically. We made a stop in Talbotville at Picard’s Peanuts… Drove around the great metropolitan city of St. Thomas… Checked out Family Flowers, a local greenhouse and nursery just east of St. Thomas… Made a much talked about stop at Anything Used (a super cool store in Sparta, that is pretty much a big curiosities shop) and bought some Sparta Country Candles. It was a lot of fun and it was a much needed day out. I even had the opportunity for some photo practice at Family Flowers. Here are some of the best shots I got that day:

Greenhouse Outing
A cute little succulent! I can't remember what it's called...
Greenhouse Outing
A cactus planted in a wagon wheel
Greenhouse Outing
A cute little cactus... I want to buy one of these!
Greenhouse Outing
I love this colour. So vibrant!
Greenhouse Outing
Can't go wrong with red either

The entire day was great in general. Once we were done in Sparta, we headed to my mom’s as part of the plan was to drop me off there as I was staying the night. Bestie headed home, and my sister was kind enough to treat us all to pizza and wings for dinner. It was pretty tasty I must admit. It was hard not to stuff myself too full! Once we had recovered from dinner, all 4 of us (my mom, stepdad, sister and myself) all went for a walk across town to the coffee shop. It was quite an enjoyable walk…until the return trip… On the walk back to the house, we took a different route… the “scenic route” as the town calls it. We were walking into the park, and somehow I managed to twist my ankle and fell. Did quite a number on my ankle and spent the rest of the night icing it :S

Oh dear
Not fun!

Sunday was the “big” family dinner. I was able to walk the next day so that was pretty good. We made our way out to Grandma’s and were treated to an amazing dinner as can only be expected at Grandma’s house. The table was Easter themed too!

WOW Easter Dinner!

It was fun spending the afternoon with the whole family, but I was more than happy to be heading home after it was all over. It was also not quite as good as it could have been because Jay had to work the weekend as usual regardless of the holiday. Sadly, everything was back to business as usual today: job hunting. Received some not-so-good news on the job front. I just have to keep moving on and looking for work. Gotta keep on being optimistic!

All-in-all, it was a very satisfying and fun Easter weekend. Now if only my ankle would heal…


4 thoughts on “Happy Easter 2012

  1. Are those chocolate bunnies tucked into the napkins? If so…that’s the most fantastic thing I’ve seen today!

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