Progress in the Garden

As I posted a few days ago, my chive finally sprouted. It was a great day for me, knowing that I don’t have a “black thumb” after all! They are just thriving now, and I am seeing more and more new shoots every day.

Chives are growing like crazy now!
Chives are growing like crazy now!

It is getting me more excited to plant some more of my herbs, but it seems that it isn’t quite warm enough yet. As evidenced by this, I have no parsley sprouts yet. I cannot wait until I start seeing them. More affirmation that I can grow things!

No sprouts yet...
No sprouts yet.

I am getting excited about things starting to grow, and I am also getting just a little bit impatient. It’s everything Jay can do to stop me from planting everything else with it still being cold enough for frost at night. In the meantime, I have gotten my labels ready for the next herbs I will be planting. I am waiting to plant my lettuce, sage, oregano, basil and my pansies. Oh yes, and I can’t forget the green onions!

Getting anxious to plant some more!
Getting impatient about having to wait to plant more!

I still need to pick up a tomato seedling, but I think that will be waiting until it is warmer as well. I have yet to see them in garden centres anyway. I am growing evermore enthusiastic about my container garden though! I think it’s going to be a rave success!

Also, it seems Jay has some surprises in store that are garden related come June… He won’t even give me hints, but it’s just one more thing for me to get excited about.


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