Spring is Springing! – Chronicles of A Spring Walk

It was a cloudy and chilly Saturday yesterday, but this didn’t deter me from going for a walk about my neighbourhood to see all the changes Spring is bringing to the area. I am witnessing Spring coming to life on a small scale in my balcony garden, but I wanted to get a glimpse of the bigger picture. To this end, I pulled on the winter coat and set off on my way…

The greenery was really starting to come out, even right outside my building.

Spring Walk
Trees are budding and leaves are unfurling.

Continuing on my walk, I encountered many more trees budding, and even some beautiful flowers.

Spring Walk
The bright colours of the tree leaves really created quite a contrast against the cloudy sky.
Spring Walk

On the last leg of my walk, just down the street from home, I found some holly. It may be a little more of a wintery plant, but it was there and full of berries when I found it!

Spring Walk
Bright green and red! So beautiful.

It was quite an enjoyable walk for me even if I did come home with some very cold ears. I will be honest though, it wasn’t just a walk for the sake of a walk. I did manage to submit some resumes to some businesses close-by, killing two birds with one stone! In fact, I even encountered an old friend from years back. As it turns out I’m not the only one struggling with making ends meet. She is doing the amazing favour of putting a good word in for me at said store as she was an employee there and they should be hiring soon.

Moving on to another topic…my lovely garden is doing so well! I still only have my two herbs (chives and parsley) but they are both doing so well, even with the chilly weather we are currently dealing with. I am hoping the snow that they are calling for in the next few days doesn’t come though. I don’t want to have to start over…or wait too much longer to plant some more for that matter.

Garden 2012
My parsley!
My chives!

I am so happy I decided to give this container gardening concept a try, as I am already finding it incredibly rewarding. I think it will be even moreso come harvest time!

Lastly, I wanted to share that I finally own a little bit of greenery indoors. Jay’s mom, who is incredibly nice, sent home with Jay on Friday an Irish Shamrock plant. It is the cutest little plant and I love it so much! She has one of her own, and I had asked what it was at Christmas. So thoughtful!

My first indoor plant
Irish Shamrock!

It is such a cool plant, and my favourite part is that it is open during the day and closes at night when there isn’t much light to be had. I am really hoping I don’t kill it though. I don’t trust myself with plants quite that much yet. Mind you, I must be doing okay because all three flowers are now blooming!

I am totally loving Spring this year. I hope it keeps getting better and that a job is also in the very near future for me!


One thought on “Spring is Springing! – Chronicles of A Spring Walk

  1. Your garden looks like it will be quite the sight when it gets growing! I always love gardening, it’s so rewarding to watch things start to grow and knowing you made it happen. And good luck with the job search, I hope you find something soon

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