Crazy Busy Week

Wow, it has been a CRAZY week, but it ended in results! As of Friday, I am officially employed again! It is a part-time position with a clothing store at one of the malls in the city. Though it isn’t the ultimate goal in terms of getting a job, it’s a step in the right direction and also has SO many more implications. I go in on Monday morning to fill out my paperwork and submit banking information for direct deposit. I should also get my hours then. I am so pumped right now. I also have an interview/meet and greet for a second part-time position on Monday as an Office Administrator for an Education Savings Plan consultant here in town . I can make my own hours with it, so I will be golden and able to work the two jobs no problem!

There are a few things I have been meaning to post about, but I have just been way to busy this past week and when I have had the time I have been EXHAUSTED. Anyways, here goes.

Way back on April 22nd, I did a small photo shoot with my good friend Oyster Boy. I love the way it turned out, and I have been itching to share the photos! Here are some of the best shots:

An Oyster Boy Photoshoot
Oyster Boy isn't too sure what to think about this photo shoot thing that's happening here...
An Oyster Boy Photoshoot
Anxiety is setting in...
An Oyster Boy Photoshoot
Okay, now he's just plain scared. Photographer is having WAY too much fun...

Even though he is a small figurine, I really feel like I managed to depict some emotion in these photos. As of yet, I do not know how to use Photoshop so they are still completely unedited. Please forgive the minor issues (like the small hair thing on his forehead). That is going to be the next step I think. I am starting to feel really limited with the camera I am currently using. I either need to learn some new stuff, or get that new camera I keep talking about. Now that I am working, maybe that will happen sooner rather than later. I am hoping that starting to teach myself how to use Photoshop will ease some of the feelings about being so limited.

Along with this super awesome photo shoot, the garden is also doing super well! Again, still just the two herbs growing but I am really hoping that in the next week or so I can get planting some more. Both the chives and the parsley appear to be doing really great. This makes me so happy.

Garden Update - Chives
Garden Update - Parsley

I am so looking forward to everything being ready to harvest, but there’s a long growing season left yet… I am thinking I will need to start looking into a tomato seedling very shortly. I am sure that the other member of the household will be happy about not having to worry about the horrible selection of tomatoes in the produce section at the grocery store. In general though, I  just want to plant more!

I have been doing a lot of reading lately as I have been doing a lot of bus riding (because of the previously mentioned crazy busy week) and I finally managed to finish the book I have been trying to read for the past couple of months (at least!). It felt great and now I am on to the next one. I am currently reading the A Song of Ice and Fire books by George R.R. Martin, and the book I just finished was A Clash of Kings (Book #2). I started Book #3, A Storm of Swords earlier this afternoon. Feels like a milestone for me right now because the last one took so long to read. I am really enjoying the story so far and I just get swallowed up in it. I keep wanting to find out what happens next. It is also kind of fun because I set myself up with a challenge on GoodReads to read 35 books this year. I hope to increase the number each year. I have found that since I finished school I haven’t read as much as I used to and I also miss it quite a lot. It is a way to get myself back into reading more again.

That was all I really had in terms of what I wanted to write about today. I am going to go and continue reading now.



4 thoughts on “Crazy Busy Week

  1. Congrats on the job, that’s just fantastic! Hope things continue going well for you and the garden looks just fabulous.

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