Stitching and Lettuce Sprouts

I decided it was time to attempt to overcome those stitching blahs I have been fighting for the last while using a suggestion from a reader: one thread at a time.

Actually made a little bit more progress...
Actually made a little bit more progress…

This is where I got to… Unfortunately, at this point, I found a glaring error that needs to be pulled and redone. That killed the enjoyment for me all over again and that particular project is going to be set aside for a little while. I think I will try something else next. Another idea that was suggested was to have multiple projects on the go. That’s definitely another one it seems I am going to have to give a go. I hope it works.

I do have to say though, my garden is definitely keeping me happy and I get more excited every day.  In fact, the latest excitement is the appearance of lettuce sprouts!

Lettuce sprouts already!
Lettuce sprouts already!

We just planted on Wednesday, and I can’t believe I am already seeing sprouts! I was expecting it to take at least a couple of weeks like it did with the parsley and chives. This is okay, though 🙂 I will thin them out and hope to have two or three heads of lettuce growing in this pot once all is said and done. Lettuce isn’t the only thing doing so well though! Parsley and chives are doing amazing as I have mentioned from the time they first sprouted.  The parsley’s leaves are changing now and starting to take their final shape.

Starting to grow parsley looking leaves now
Leaves are starting to take their final parsley shape

The chives are easily 3-4 inches tall now!

Chives are growing like crazy
They just keep getting taller

I can’t believe how fast everything that has come up is growing now. This is going to be SO rewarding come harvest time. Our final project on the gardening front (for planting anyway) is getting our tomato seedling. We are going to be picking one up on Tuesday and planting it that evening. The garden will be completely planted finally. I am looking forward to this coming week so I can say that.

I start this week with my first work shifts at the store. They are training shifts and I hope they go well. Wish me luck!


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