Garden Garden and More Garden

I just keep getting more excited about my garden every day. Each morning I go out onto the balcony to check things out and things just keep getting bigger! I’m proud of my newly discovered “green thumb” as my sister is calling it.

We gave the chives a small haircut today. We decided that even though they are still really  young that we wanted to use them in a meal.

Chives got a bit of a haircut today
Chives are a bit shorter after today.

…and it was delicious!

First chive harvest...
Yummy eggs! Enhanced by the first chive harvest.

We are going to let them grow for a bit before we do it again, but it was just a little taste of what we have to look forward to later on in the summer. Only it won’t be JUST the chives then!

The rest of the garden is also doing quite well (still). The lettuce has grown so much already, even though I posted the first sprouts just three days ago. Thinning will be happening a lot sooner than I had originally planned I think.

Look at all that lettuce!
Lettuce – at least twice the size it was three days ago!
Lettuce - Up close and personal
Getting up close and personal with the lettuce

Parsley is also starting to look even more like parsley. I feel silly getting so excited over this, but I really can’t help it. I’m such a geek and get excited about little things like this.

Parsley is finally looking like parsley
Parsley…Actually really starting to look like parsley!

And last but not least, the big gardening news of the day:


A Basil Sprout!

Yup…see it there? That little plant-looking thing near the front of the frame? That’s my sprout! This is the most exciting development to date as basil is one of my all-time favourite herbs. I make a mean pasta sauce with it no less! I can’t wait to use my own basil in it.

I feel like I keep writing the same things over and over in my garden update posts, but I don’t know how else to express my excitement about it all. Forgive me if it is getting repetitive! Feel free to let me know if it is.


On the job front, things aren’t looking as shiny as I had expected. I was really excited about this job I was hired for, but it really doesn’t look like it is panning out quite like I had planned. I am getting A LOT fewer hours than I understood I was going to get upon hiring. 7 hours weekly just isn’t going to cut it. In light of this, I have decided to keep looking for work. Good news is I have a phone interview tonight for a different position that looks like it will be full-time. Hopefully this will have the positive result I need end of my worries…for now.


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