Back on the Horse

Been a busy little while, and I haven’t had much time to really sit down and write a new post. I have some news, though: I’m back on the stitching horse! I started a new small pattern last night, and I am now finding that really missed stitching. I am thoroughly enjoying stitching this one already. The owl is quite adorable. I am thinking that I may give it to a friend who is currently expecting to contribute to nursery decor. It’s a long weekend here being Victoria Day on Monday, so I am hoping to get this one done before the weekend is over.

Whoo-hoo? Me too?
Whoo-hoo? Me too?

It’s the “Whoo-hoo? Me too?” free pattern from Kincavel Krosses found here. It’s a really simple and very cute pattern. I am stitching it in green, but the pattern does call for pink and purple. Quite frankly, I’m not really a pink and purple kind of girl. The point is though, I am back stitching and have finally beaten those stitching blahs! This girl is happy.

A couple days ago, I took some photos of the container garden on my balcony for purposes of doing a blog post that day. Unfortunately I never got around to it. I blame being busy with a lot of other things in life these days. Anyways, here is the garden update a few days late. It has even changed since these photos were taken!

The latest is I finally have a sprout in my lone flower pot. I hope to see more soon, and I hope they get growing. I’d like to have them blooming on my table this summer! I am also waiting to see what colour the pansies turn out to be. It’s about the only thing left keeping my in suspense with my garden. Oh yeah, that AND I am still waiting to see some sage and oregano.

It's a Pansy Sprout!
It’s a Pansy Sprout!

I could not believe how fast the onions shot up once I saw the first sprout. They were not unlike the lettuce in terms of this. However, I found it quite amusing that there is also a rogue sprout growing in the onion box. I am guessing it is lettuce but I’m not totally positive. I am going to let it grow a little bit more and see what happens.

Onions are doing Amazing
Green onions are growing fast.

It sounds strange, but I watered my basil one day a little while back and lost that first basil sprout I posted here. It didn’t die or anything, it just plain disappeared! Anyways, there are some new sprouts that have shown up and they seem to be doing just fine (even after a few waterings!)

Basil is looking fantastic so far
Basil is certainly showing its face now.

The lettuce is just getting plain huge in my opinion. I have am continually thinning it now, and will probably be down to my 2-3 planned heads of lettuce within the next couple of weeks. Then, we wait until it’s ready to cut! Yes! I love me some free lettuce!


Last but not least, the parsley. It looks much the same as it did the last time I shared a parsley update, except they are getting a little “bushier” for lack of a better word. They have kind of stopped getting bigger at this point, and I think I have to be a lot more diligent in terms of thinning these ones out because it has to get down to a single plant in that pot according to the instructions I read. That should be fun. I will just keep a better eye on it and do what I gotta do I guess. (Note: they were thinned out quite a bit after this photo was taken, and it is too dark to get an up to date photo at this point.)

Parsley – looking kind of the same.

I am quite pleased with how everything is going around here “hobby-wise.” I’m happy to be stitching again, and am so pleased that my first attempt at gardening is going so well so far. Next thing will be to get out and get taking some photos again! Not sure when this will happen, but it is definitely on the list. I do believe there is a TUSAL post coming due soon, so maybe that will be my next mini-project. Things have of course been stressful in other areas of life these days, but that is to be expected when unemployed. We made a decision recently though that may help with some of that. We will see in the days to come. Once things are more planned out, et cetera, I may then share a little more here. Things aren’t quite 100% and details need to be ironed out. Everyone will know soon enough!


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