A New Finish! Finally!

I finished Whoo-Hoo? Me Too? from Kincavel Krosses late on Friday night. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to post it until now because I had to work yesterday and then I have had to get caught up on some serious cleaning around the house today. Now that’s finished and I can blog!

Who-Hoo? Me Too?
Who-Hoo? Me Too? – A free pattern from Lady Kell at Kincavel Krosses

Here it is! I stitched it in two shades of green instead of pink and purple, and I also omitted the eyelashes. They just didn’t seem to fit with this little green owl. I am very happy with how it turned out. I had a little bit of trouble with getting the right tension with the stitches but all-in-all, it turned out okay I think. Only the odd stitch looks a little funny. I am going to put it in a simple 4×6 frame and give it as a gift to my friend who is expecting as I originally mentioned. She hasn’t done any work on the baby’s room yet, so maybe it will help contribute to the decor!

It may seem funny, but the thing I am most excited about finishing this little piece is that the back actually looks almost as good as the front! This is very much a first for me. Normally, the backs of most of the pieces I stitch look like complete disasters. I’m so proud of it; I needed to share:

Who-Hoo? Me Too?
Who-Hoo? Me Too? – The Back

This little piece has definitely gotten me out of those stitching blahs I have been dealing with for the last few months, and I am looking forward to starting my next one. Not sure what I will be doing just yet. I think I am almost ready to pick the Vintage Colt back up. I think this time though I will keep another one on the go to work on so I can keep some variety going in hope of staving off those blahs again.


One thought on “A New Finish! Finally!

  1. This is so cute, your friend will love it! Like the color substitutions you went for too. Great combo. It’s funny when you said that about the back. When I first mastered how to get the back to look like the front, I did the same thing. I felt like I was showing the back off more than the front – it’s a great feeling right? lol

    The front, and the back came out great. Can’t wait to see your next project!

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