Just Keep On Growing, Growing, Growing…

The garden is doing pretty well these days. Things are continuing to grow and are really looking amazing. I have been getting kind of sick of the fact that my garden update posts have all been taking on very similar form in that I post new pictures of every single item in the garden. I was getting just plain bored with it, and I am going to start trying to vary them a little bit. Today, I am only going to post photos of the most significant growing progress that has been made.

First thing’s first: I am about as excited about this as I was when I discovered my basil sprouting. My OREGANO IS SPROUTING FINALLY! I went out to water the garden and found this teeny tiny sprout.


Very happy that I don’t have to replant. I was concerned I may have to. Now, it’s looking more like worst case I will just have to replant the sage.

Also in new growth news, I have a third pansy sprout. This one actually looks a little bit funny but I am okay with that.

Pansy # 3
Pansy # 3

It looks a little bit stunted to me, actually. I’m not sure if this is because I forgot to water for a couple of days. Either way, it’s there and it’s alive.

Basil is growing like crazy right now. I don’t know that I have much more to say about it. It’s getting plain huge and catching up quite quickly to the parsley.

Basil is doing quite well now.

I am still most excited about my basil. I am really looking forward to roasting up some red peppers and making up my pasta sauce later on in the season. Best sauce ever!

Last but not least, the parsley. This isn’t so much a photo of its progress as it is just a cool shot (to me, anyways). It is growing well now that I have significantly thinned out the plants. While I was watering, a droplet settled right in the center of a bunch of leaves on one of the parsley plants. I thought it looked really cool and I had to take a picture.

Water Droplet
Water Droplet on a Parsley Plant

Things are just plain going great on the gardening front. I don’t know what else to say about it. I still don’t have a tomato as we are waiting on some outcomes. I have an interview first thing tomorrow morning, and it will be the deciding factor in well… just about everything at this point. Wish me luck!


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