The Garden is Complete!

Well…not complete in the sense that it is finished but more in the sense that I now have everything I intended to have.

We had decided that we would hold off on getting the last item for our garden until we knew if we would be keeping our place or not. Since we got the good news last week, obviously it was going to happen eventually. I came home from work this evening having been told there was a “situation” that needed to be dealt with. Of course, being told something like that I started to dread coming home.Turns out that “situation” was the planting of a tomato plant! My boyfriend had picked one up on his way home from work today. What an awesome surprise!

Finally, a Tomato Plant!
Finally, a Tomato Plant!

I am so happy my garden is in full swing now. Nothing is ready to harvest yet, of course but it just feels so good to have everything planted.

Pansy, Chives, Onions
Pansy, Chives, Onions
Basil, Parsley, Sage, Oregano, Tomato, Lettuce
Basil, Parsley (top row), Sage, Oregano (middle row), Tomato (large pot rear), Lettuce (large pot front)

Now to keep hoping all continues to grow well and I have a great harvest this year!


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