Growing, Spending Time Outdoors and Firefly Too

We have had a fair bit of rain here lately and the garden is just loving it. My parsley looks awesome, my lettuce is just growing like CRAZY and my tomato plant has taken to its new pot amazingly well.

Parsley is getting bigger
Parsley is getting bigger
Lettuce is massive!
Lettuce is massive!
Tomato has taken well to its new pot
Tomato has taken well to its new pot

I never expected that I would enjoy gardening as much as I do, because I am a person who hates to get dirty. It seems that some of my herbs may be struggling a little bit specifically my oregano and sage, but I am looking at this first season as a learning season. I will not be upset if I have a few failures. I will look at them as learning experiences and do research to improve things for next year.

I also am really enjoying my first attempt at gardening this year because it is prompting me to spend a lot more time outside. I am absolutely loving this and balcony is really starting to look like it is used when I walk up to my building. I some time out there yesterday just enjoying the view before it got too hot.

The view
View from my balcony on a Saturday in June

I do really enjoy where I live. It’s such a clean quiet area with lots of trees! And yes…that is a bus there. My main form of transportation. It seems kind of appropriate that it made it into the photo.

It would seem that with all this gardening I am doing that there isn’t much time to partake in my other hobbies. Yes, there hasn’t been much serious photo-taking done recently, but that is kind of because I am not really enjoying the camera. I am looking forward to the purchase of my DSLR and that is when things will be ramping up there. However, I have been stitching! I have been mainly focusing on my Firefly Pixel People pattern as I accidentally bent my only small needle (the one I was using to stitch the vintage colt). I have to go buy a new one (or a few) before I can get going on that one again. I am able to use a bigger needle for the Firefly pattern. I haven’t made a ton of progress on it, but I have made enough to make it worth sharing:

Firefly Pixel People pattern

I have managed to complete Inara, Mal and Zoe now, and Wash is in progress. I hope to start on Shepherd Book in the next day or two. I am having so much fun stitching this one. I think it just may be because I am a Firefly fan and am so attached to the characters. It has been sitting on my coffee table so that I can pick it up whenever I feel like it and stitch a few stitches. This is the first project I have wanted to do this with, and it is also the first one where the cats seem to let me do this. They usually go crazy over the loose threads when I have any bit of my stash out! It does leave my coffee table looking a bit of a mess though… But I don’t mind!

The disaster that is my coffee table when I stitch
The disaster that is currently my coffee table


2 thoughts on “Growing, Spending Time Outdoors and Firefly Too

  1. Love the stitching! I have a couple of these in my “to do” pile, and I’m watching Firefly again at the moment! I may have to get a move on with my current project and start on this too!! 🙂

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