Nuit Blanche London 2012

It may not seem like it but I do manage to get out and do some fun and exciting things every so often. Last night was one of those nights. A close friend of mine and I decided to check out Nuit Blanche here in London. I have heard of this event taking place in Toronto before, but this is the first time I heard of it happening in London. I have wanted to check out Nuit Blanche in Toronto for years and been unable to do so, so this seemed like a great opportunity to see what the event is all about.

Nuit Blanche London 2012
Meeting up and getting started early!

The event started at 9pm last night, so my friend and I met up downtown right around then. We had originally planned on getting together for dinner first, but changes in the buses due to said event kind of ruined those plans. Anyways, we got started nice and early and were able to see everything that was going on. The events for the night (for us) started at Museum London where we were able to participate in a few different activities and watch a band perform.

Nuit Blanche London 2012
Sculptures! Mine on the left, friend’s on the right.

We each created sculptures out of the random supplies they had and hot glue guns. I have to admit I enjoyed this activity immensely. It’s not very often where you just get to goof around and make whatever the heck you want out of what you are given! We also created some “art” on more conventional paper that will become a part of a community mural. I am unsure where this is going to be on display, but I thought it was a really neat idea.

Nuit Blanche London 2012
An attempt at “art”.

While we were creating our pieces for the community mural, we listened to a band called the Nihilist Spasm Band perform. I thought they were quite brilliant. They have apparently been performing in London since 1965. Impressive. I may have to see where they are performing next!

Outside the museum there was a contemporary dance piece being performed throughout the night, dance isn’t really my thing, but it was still kinda cool.

Nuit Blanche London 2012
Dancers performing at Elephant Rock

We moved on from there after the dance piece concluded. My friend really enjoyed it, she loves dancing. From here, we went to see “Audioforge”. What it is is basically a group of blacksmiths who use blacksmithing techniques and tools to make music. Very cool. They had a couple of musicians on guitar accompanying. I was quite impressed by this. Wish I had the smarts to take a video instead of just a photo!

Nuit Blanche London 2012
Audioforge – Did I mention they make stuff too?!

Also, right near this event was a girl hooping. I was quite impressed by this. I would love to be able to hoop myself, but I just don’t seem to be coordinated enough. We saw her first on our way to the museum when she was practicing and warming up, but when we came back she was hooping with a flaming hoop! Very cool!

Nuit Blanche London 2012
Hoop Girl

After this, we sat in on a poetry slam taking place in the middle of the street. Cool, but not really photo-worthy. There were some very good pieces, though not all were awesome. But that’s to be expected. I had A LOT of respect for all of the people who were brave enough and had enough confidence to get up there and give it a shot. I never could have done it. Following the poetry slam we participated in an event called the Red Couch Diaries. The artist was using an iPhone and instagram and tweeting the photos throughout the night. Doesn’t seem crazy artistic, but it was still a really neat concept.

We watched a vaudeville-type performance in the street also, which was pretty cool. There was even a “man in the moon”! They were really great with all the kids that were out. Mind you, it surprised me a lot how many kids there were out at this event…

Nuit Blanche London 2012
Catering to the kids. Cute.

By this point in the night, we were starting to get a little bit tired, but we couldnt stop yet! There was still more to see! So, we pushed on. The next was an art installation piece, making use of the lone telephone booth on the street. It was set up almost like a mini-apartment and people were encouraged to post notes and memories all over. Great concept. This was probably the favourite of the night for me.

Nuit Blanche London 2012
Cool use for a phone booth

The last two events of the night for us were to visit two art galleries. The ARTS Project was one, and the other was called ArtFusion. Some very cool pieces I would have loved to buy were on display but unfortunately I couldn’t afford them! This one though, caught my eye most:

Nuit Blanche London 2012
Double Helix Cafe

It’s a satirical look at the craze that’s going on where people are trying to engineer their babies. It is incredibly relevant. It’s done in such a way too that you have no idea if they are being serious or not. I was quite impressed by this and wish I could have met the artist.

After we left The ARTS Project we made our way over to ArtFusion and from there we decided to call it a night. We were both exhausted and ready for bed. It was such a fun night though, and I can’t wait to do it again next year and see what kind of exciting stuff they will have then.


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