Summer in the Garden

Summer has arrived, and with it some crazy insane heat – 40+ Celsius temperatures and quite a lot of humidity. The garden was hurting there for a day or two! However, the insane heat has broken and the weather is now just pleasantly summery. The garden has also recovered, which is always good news (to me).

My second attempt at sage is going so well. It is actually growing this time! Just about two weeks ago I planted, and it already looks like this:

Sage is finally growing
Sage is finally growing

As some may recall, I also planted my tomato seedling about three weeks ago now. It is now easily a foot and a half tall and we have flowers! Fruit will be coming soon.

Flowers on the tomato plant
Flowers on the tomato plant

I also purchased some Miracle Gro plant food today while I was out and about with my mom. I came home and “fed” everything in the garden and I am hoping to see some results very soon. Maybe it will help my second oregano attempt (the first one failed) which doesn’t seem to be going well the second time around either. I have my fingers crossed on that one.


I haven’t stitched much at all in the last week or so, and I am really feeling the urge to get at it again. I am hoping that I can get at it tonight or maybe tomorrow. I hope to have some more progress to post this week.


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