Sun Fest and 50th Birthday Celebrations!

I had planned to post this a good two days ago, but I never got around to it. One night turned into a complete disaster and  last night was spent helping a friend repair her computer. All things are back in order, and here is this post at last.

Last week was a busy week and so was the weekend between work and some special events both around and outside of town. This being the reason why my LAST post took so long in being posted!

Work is into its 6th week now, and all is still going great. 6 more weeks after this and I will be done 3 months! I can’t believe how fast time is flying by…in a good way. Work definitely keeps me busy, and I am finally starting to get used to having a regular work schedule again. The biggest difference for me though through all of this is the absence of stress. It feels amazing! I feel like I can truly enjoy things again.

In light of this, Jay and I are definitely both enjoying ourselves and the time we spend together a lot more. I am loving it!

On Thursday afternoon after I was finished work, we met each other downtown and checked out a local festival called “Sunfest” which takes place each year. Last year was my first year attending and I had a great time. I was looking forward to going again this year. It was Jay’s first time going this year, and we both had a lot of fun.

Fun finds at Sunfest
Fun finds at Sunfest

The food was fantastic as always – I enjoyed my falafel and chimichanga quite a lot. Jay had his own falafel and an Oktoberfest sausage. Lastly, we shared a funnel cake. It was a second first for Jay that day. I hadn’t had one in years! Awesome!

Funnel cake!
The Second First of the Day for Jay

Along with the food, we listened to some great music and browsed some great shops. We came away with a candle and a great little leather bracelet – at great prices at that! A phenomenal end to an already great day.


The weekend got off to a busy start for me straight away after work on Friday. Jay picked me up and we headed out to my mom’s. I was to help prep for a 50th birthday party for my step-dad and his best friend. As Jay works all weekend, and I don’t have a car it was easiest for me to go out there on Friday.

I spent Saturday morning helping with setup for the party. And what a party it was! Such a great turnout and it was a great time. I would say it was definitely a success. I stayed until Sunday and helped with cleanup as well.

50th Birthday Celebration...
50th Birthday Celebration decor
Amazing turnout ...
Amazing turnout!
The food was pretty great too
The food was pretty great too.

It was a great weekend, but I was sure ready to come home!


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