Working on the Vintage Colt Again!

After my blog post today written for the STNA blog hop, I was really in the mood for some stitching. I didn’t feel like starting anything new – and so the Vintage Colt came out to play again.

I didn’t stitch a whole lot tonight, as I had several other things that needed attending, but I stitched enough to hit a milestone! It was only a few short rows but it resulted in actually completing the first page of the pattern. I have been working on this one since February and I finally feel like I am getting somewhere.

Vintage Colt - 1st Page Done
Vintage Colt – 1st Page Done

I am in search though for the next new project so I can keep myself from getting bored with having just one on the go. I have two that I need to get working on at some point. A friend is pregnant and due end of August and I fully intend to stitch up a birth announcement for them. Problem – I simply can’t find a pattern! Even the “boy” announcements all look to girly to me. I am leaning toward stitching a fun pattern I already have in possession and just adding baby’s name and birthdate and whatever else I pertinent. The decision will have to be made soon as he is due to arrive in about two weeks!

The next one is a baby afghan for my step-sister who is due in November. That will come a bit later. Aside from the colt, it’s going to be baby stuff galore for awhile!


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