Getting Crafty and Organize-y (If that’s even a word…)

It’s been about a week since my last post, and boy have I been busy! I feel like I have accomplished quite a lot, and even feel like I might be getting used to running around all night after work – my version of an exciting life!

We have a new addition to the household in the form of another houseplant. I never though I would actually want to (or be able to) keep LIVE greenery in my apartment. Seems it’s not as difficult as I expected to keep things alive! Something I have learned from keeping the container garden on the balcony I guess.

Parlor Palm
Our new Parlor Palm

It’s a Parlor Palm, and we chose it because it is dog and cat friendly so we don’t have to worry if the cats end up attacking it at some point. Turns out it also doesn’t need too much care aside from watering once a week or so and not getting too much sun. I love the look of it and hope we can keep it for some time (by this I mean I hope the cats don’t destroy it!).

I have been getting a little bit craftier lately and have been channeling it into some organization around the apartment. This past weekend, I modified an idea a friend of mine showed me for headband and hair accessory storage in the bathroom. All it took was a bit of ribbon and some fabric, and a little bit of time. I had everything on hand except that ribbon and the ribbon only cost me a dollar or two. I am very happy with the result:

Organization in the Bathroom
Some organization in the bathroom

In keeping with the trend, I also decided I needed to organize my thread stash. It was getting a little bit unruly. I picked up a couple pieces of cardstock and used a printable I found online to create some new thread bobbins. They are so much fun and so functional!

Organizing the Thread Stash
Some new thread bobbins to organize the thread stash!

In short, aside from seeing The Dark Knight Rises with a good friend these projects are the majority of what I accomplished over the weekend – aside from  a little bit of stitching of course.

Some Progress
Some progress on “Who-hoo? Me?”

This is the little bit of progress I made over the weekend on the latest project. It is the partner to a previous project, and I am yet again modifying the colours. I am using a different fabric and I am also adding a bit more to it as well. I think it is going to look fantastic when it is done. Can’t wait to finish it. In fact, I hope to get some more of it done tonight.

Although the garden has been winding down, we have had a major development at the last minute:

Pansy Blooms
The pansy blooms!

My pansies have finally flowered! This is the first, and there is a second bud as well. To think I was ready to write these off. I am so happy they didn’t turn out to be a total waste of time. I learned of this through an e-mail from Jay who was the first to discover it. It made that day for me last week! I apologize for the slight blur, but the wind just wouldn’t let it cooperate for me to take a photo. I have yet to get a picture where this hasn’t happened.

It was a great eventful week last week and have high hopes that this week may bring more of the same. It is raining this evening, so I fully intend to stitch up a storm!


One thought on “Getting Crafty and Organize-y (If that’s even a word…)

  1. I love your bathroom organizer, what a good idea! And I love seeing all the things you’re growing and stitching. Hope things keep going well for you!

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