My Favourite Project to Stitch..

Stitching the Night Away Stitching Bloggers Blog Hop

The Stitching the Night Away Blog Hop has returned! And with it, prompt # 8:

What has been your favorite project to stitch? (either finished or in progress)


I have to say that my favourite project to stitch was a bookmark designed by my boyfriend and I. It was the “A Song of Ice and Fire Bookmark” that you can read about here. I finished it back in January, and have been using it on pretty much a daily basis ever since. I made it to go along with the books as I was reading them at the time. In fact, I just recently finished book 5, the last one currently in print. Amazing series, and all the more reason to love the bookmark!

For those who don’t feel like checking out the link to my previous post here is a photo:

A Song of Ice and Fire bookmark
A Song of Ice and Fire bookmark

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3 thoughts on “My Favourite Project to Stitch..

  1. Oh my goodnees, I love Games of Thrones – I just finished Book 4 – What a great bookmark. This is the best – thanks for sharing.

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