Finishes Around the House – The Very First

I’ve been stitching long enough now that I am to the point of having a few finished projects on display around the home. I thought now would be a good time to share some of them. I have them framed in regular picture frames, or in hoops and they are mostly just kind of stuck where they will fit because, well, we don’t have much room in our tiny little apartment! I also have a few coasters laying around as well. Either way, I feel kind of proud and love having them on display for everyone to see when they come to visit! I have decided that I am going to do a weekly series sharing these “finishes around the house”.

Finished Projects around the House
Hang In There Kitty

Hang In There Kitty was the very first cross-stitch project I ever finished. It was a stamped kit that my boyfriend purchased for me when I was bored and just looking for something to do. Who knew it would turn into an enduring hobby! I am glad it did though. This one was framed in the hoop that was supplied with the kit and is now hanging from a nail in Jay’s work space above his workbench.

You will have to forgive the fact that it is absolutely covered in cat hair in this photo, as our fat cat loves to lounge on the workbench right in front of it. It is constantly getting covered in cat hair and it just gets too hard to keep up with cleaning it off. Mind you, it does seem kind of fitting. 😉


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