Finishes Around the House – Beginner stitching

After I stitched Hang In There Kitty, I stuck some very simple patterns for awhile. This resulted in me stitching a whole bunch of coasters (including some as Christmas presents!). We are still using them today and let me tell you, they are well used! They have been very useful and I am glad I made them.

Finished Projects around the House
Coasters and a Candle Mat

We tend to keep them in the living room on our coffee table and end tables and we use them almost on a daily basis. Talk about practicality! I love having them around! As you can see, they are covered in tea and coffee stains. They have in fact been washed a few times, but now the stains just aren’t coming out anymore.

In the photo you can also see the candle mat that I made a little more recently. It’s a very simple design I came up with one evening simply because I was bored. I love how it looks on my coffee table!

Stay tuned until next week and I will share another finish I have around the house.


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