Some New Fabric and a new WIP too

A few weeks ago now already, Jay and I went to check out the only needlework specialty shop in the city. As I have been relegated to just Michael’s so far, boy was I overwhelmed! There was so much! Not to mention the fabric selection was amazing! I was very happy we decided to go, and we definitely didn’t leave empty handed.

New fabric for my stash
New fabric for my stash

I bought some ice blue aida (16 count), some 18 count black aida, and some 18 count davosa in dark green. They are just some remnants but it is so great to have fabric in colours other than white! I have even started putting it to use.

The newest work in project is yet another little doodad for Jay. This time I am using the dark green davosa to stitch him up a Green Bay Packers coaster as they are his favourite football team.

Green Bay Packers coaster
Green Bay Packers coaster

This is how it is looking so far. I have to admit, it is just looking “ok” to me so far. I’m not loving how the stitches are turning out. They seem a little but uneven and I am also seeing a little bit of the dark green peeking though between the stitches. I am sure it will look fine once it’s completed, but I just feel like it’s definitely not my best work. I also don’t think I will be buying davosa again. I have learned that it isn’t my favourite fabric to work with. I am excited though about the fact that I will be using DMC satin floss for the very first time with this project. It’s a gorgeous golden yellow for the border around the ‘G’ and I am sure that will look amazing.

I am proud of the fact that I made up this pattern myself using some pattern software for the very first time. I used a Green Bay Packers photo I found on Google, and used PCStitch 10 to create the pattern. Unfortunately I don’t have the full version of the program (only the trial) version, so I couldn’t simply save and print the pattern, but I have may ways and managed to do as much. I hope one day to be able to purchase the full version, but until that day comes this will work for me. I’m not sure I will be creating very many patterns in this way anyway.

I am looking forward to showing this one when it is done. Hopefully it will be soon.


2 thoughts on “Some New Fabric and a new WIP too

  1. I hate that those cross-stitch software packages are so expensive. Looks like you’re doing good with what you have though. Can’t wait to see it finished. It looks good to me so far!

  2. Cross stitch software is quite expensive! I’ve been using the freebie version of KG-chart for quite a while now and although I’m sure it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles the others do, it accomplishes what I need it to! Congrats on your stash enhancement though! Finding new LNSs is always fun. 😀

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