Doors Open London 2012

This past weekend my mom and I participated in the annual Doors Open London event. It’s basically a weekend every September where a number of local landmarks and museums open their doors to the public free of charge. Many communities all over Ontario also host this event on various weekends throughout the year, collectively called Doors Open Ontario. I wanted participate last year, but couldn’t find anyone to go with me. I was glad my mom was able to do this with me this year!

I originally had a long list of sites I wanted to see (at least 10), but we only managed to see about five. It was so much more intensive and interesting than I expected it to be! We spent almost an hour at every site but one. Here are some of the highlights:

Brick Street Cemetery – The oldest cemetery in London, dating back to 1813. A great way to start the day. Quite the contrast with the highrise apartments as a backdrop for this historic London site.
Brick Street Cemetery
The grave of a War of 1812 veteran at the Brick Street Cemetery.
London Life Insurance Head Office
London Life Insurance Head Office – The original part of the building was built in 1925. It is now a combination of 4 buildings built at different times – a complex of sorts. This was the original entrance.
Stained Glass
Some gorgeous stained glass in the entrance of the London Life building.
St. Paul's Cathedral
St. Paul’s Cathedral – One of the oldest churches in the city. We wanted to go inside, but even though it was a Doors Open London site, there was a wedding about to start when we arrived.
Old Film Ads
Old film ads – Among the many things to be found at Attic Books – in my opinion the best book store in the city. Use books, rare books, and just about any curiosity you could think of! There’s also a small selection of antiques!
A Prize!
A Prize! – At Attic Books, there was a game to be played, and my mom and I both won. I won the bundle of books and she won the gift certificate. Felt pretty special since she gave it to me 😉
Last Stop: Eldon House
Last Stop: Eldon House – The day started to cloud over, so we decided to wrap of the day with Eldon House – one of the oldest homes in the city. Built in 1834 for the Harris family, and given to the city by the family in 1959 I believe it was.
Juxtaposition of Old and New
Juxtaposition of Old and New – Old historic building vs. new development in the downtown core.
Drawing Room at Eldon House
Drawing Room at Eldon House – There were such beautiful furnishings throughout the whole house. What surprised me the most though was the fact that almost every single room in the house was as dark as this or even darker…

Eldon House marked the end of our Doors Open activities. It was starting to look like it was going to storm and we decided we should probably catch the bus back to my place and try to beat the rain and catch the bus back to my place. It was a great day all around, and would you believe it? It never rained here! Ah well, looking forward to seeing more next year!


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