Finishes Around the House – The First Big Finish

I realized I had forgotten to post last Sunday for this little series I have started about finishes around the house. My excuse is  that it was the Thanksgiving holiday here in Canada and my time was better spent with my family, for whom I am very thankful indeed. An excellent reason to miss a blog post in my opinion!

Anyways, the series is making its return this week with the very first “big” finish of my stitching “career”.

This one took me easily six months to complete because I actually learned early in stitching it that I had bitten off a little more than I could chew at the time. At that point I set it down for awhile and worked on some more simple patterns just so I could get some more practice and experience. This was where the coasters and bookmarks came in! In the end, I was able to successfully finish this piece with confidence. I am happy to say I learned a lot of stitching lessons in the process. Mind you, it took me at least another six months to get it frames and put on display!

Finished Projects around the House
Completed Valentine Heart pattern – found at Stitching The Night Away

I really love how it turned out – being a heart stitched in black as well as being framed with a silver frame.  Eventually I would like to see this piece up on the wall in our bathroom with its grey, black and silver colour scheme, but for now it is looking fantastic on this bookshelf in our living room beside my TUSAL dish!


4 thoughts on “Finishes Around the House – The First Big Finish

  1. I love the all black design work, it looks really fantastic! I’m glad you have it safe in a frame so you can show it off!

  2. I should’ve been like you — put aside a big project and come back later when more experience has been gained! I think it would’ve saved me quite a bit of frustration!

    Your piece looks great and I love the silver frame! Even if it takes six months to get it in there (I know that feeling all too well).

  3. It looks beautiful, I love how although not ready to display as planned, you did the right thing of temporarily sharing it somewhere else! 🙂

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