Remembrance Day 2012

Yesterday was Remembrance Day here in Canada, and Jay and I attended the ceremonies locally. I brought the camera along and took the opportunity to get some photos of the things that were happening. I took tons of photos, but as it turns out only two were worth sharing. Even if there are only two, I am very proud of them as they are also my first attempts at editing in Photoshop!

There was quite a crowd in attendance and we found a little area to stand during the ceremonies right behind the Salvation Army brass band. They provided an abundance of photo opportunities, especially the conductor. You could tell he loves what he does.

The Conductor of the Salvation Army Brass Band
The Conductor of the Salvation Army Brass Band

We couldn’t see much during the ceremonies themselves, but were able to finally get close to the cenotaph once the wreath-laying ceremony was concluded. That was when I got this great shot of an Air Force Corporal standing his vigil. Unfortunately, the rest stood down before I could get photos of them as well.

Standing Vigil at the Cenotaph
Standing Vigil at the Cenotaph

I have been attending Remembrance Day ceremonies annually since my early teens and get a little bit emotional between the music and seeing the local veterans in attendance. It was great to see yesterday all the parents who brought their children to attend the ceremonies especially. I even heard a little girl tell her mother after the ceremonies had concluded: “You know Mom, Remembrance Day is very important!” How astute of her. I hope more kids understand this too!


2 thoughts on “Remembrance Day 2012

  1. Just thinking about what happened gets me a lil choked up… I actually think about the vets more than just once a year… A spring and fall kinda time when I walk around and just enjoy nature and the land around me, those brave souls cross my mind and get my eyes a little watery. It’s nice to hear kids understand the importance if it still as it seems the meaning of everything else has become commercial. Even the Queen’s birthday has become a reason to sell fireworks and make a profit. Rememberance Day seems to be the one real holiday that is about others and not somehow ourselves. ♥

  2. Here in the U.S. we have Veterans Day. And while it’s supposed to be the same thing I’m just not sure people pay attention to it. I think we could use a “remembrance day” here.

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