December TUSAL

Well, it’s been a fun year of participating in the 2012 Totally Useless Stitch-A-Long! It has definitely flown by. The stitching I did this month mainly consisted of finishing the snowflake ornament I posted about previously. I have to say it looks fantastic!

This month for my TUSAL post, I decided to do something a little bit different with all of my ORT’s from this year. I was surprised I managed to fit an entire year’s worth in my little jar. Anyways, what I did was….

December TUSAL 2012

…turn them in to a Christmas tree ornament!

This was actually an idea Jay had one night while we were wandering through Michael’s and happened upon the Christmas decoration aisle and all the clear ball ornaments. It was a great idea and so I jumped on it. This is the result and I have to admit I am really happy with it. It also gave me an opportunity to break out the camera again. I think this may become my “thing” – as in the way I store my ORT’s for TUSAL.  It’s too cool to not make an annual thing!

Looking forward to TUSAL 2013 🙂

It may be the last month of TUSAL for 2012, but you can still join I am sure… Just go here to It’s Daffycat’s blog and comment!


3 thoughts on “December TUSAL

  1. Oh, I thought of doing this too! I have such a piddly amount of ORTs though so I don’t think I could fill a ball. Maybe one of those little ones. Loosely. 😀 Yours looks awesome~

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