Some New Stash Additions

I am at home nursing quite the cold this weekend and thought it would be a good time to share the exciting recent additions to my stash courtesy of my mom and Jay.  I am looking forward to making use of them and hope to very soon.

There is a fabric store near my mom that is to be closing by the end of December and my mom was able to get an amazing deal on some J&P Coats floss in some great colours. I am hoping to pick up some new fabric soon and make good use of it.  Yesterday, Jay also surprised me with the coolest skein of DMC Light Effects floss I have ever seen. It may be a pain to work with, but I can’t wait to see how whatever I use it on turns out. I think it will be amazing!

New Flossies

That’s the new Light Effects sitting there right on top… I believe the code for it is E130. The rest are the J&P Coats. There are some really fantastic colours. I am also loving the variegated pink/blue/purple/green in the foreground. Whatever I end up using that on will be very special indeed!

The next step will be finding a place to store all this new floss as my current “kit” is already very full.  It looks like a second box is necessary and will need to be purchased sooner rather than later. But…one can’t complain when there’s more stash to be had! Next on the list (after more floss storage) is some amazing fabrics. When I have some proper extra cash I intend to be doing some shopping at the local needlework shop as well as on Etsy!


On a side note, if my awesome readers haven’t noticed already, I am attempting to incorporate my photography with my other hobbies. I have to say I think it has been pretty successful so far.. I am finally getting a grasp on Photoshop as well in the process!


2 thoughts on “Some New Stash Additions

  1. What a lovely little stash of floss! I think all variegated floss is awesome and I also love that one in the foreground. Do your little bobbins have smiles on them…?!

    1. They do! I found them on Wild Olive as a printable. I print them on card stock and I think they absolutely adorable!

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