Christmas is Almost Upon Us…

…and I am gearing up for a very busy few days. We only have to travel two of the days out of the season so things really aren’t as busy as they could be. I am spending these days getting last minute gifts and wrapping and the like as are the rest of us, I’m sure. As much as I love this season, I will still be happy when it’s over and I am able relax and settle into some serious stitching again.  I have to admit I am getting kind of sick of stitching ornaments and I would really like to make some good progress on the Colt again for Jay. I also have a birth announcement I need to start for my step-sister and niece. So far, all she has gotten is an I.O.U. from me!

Anyways, I am working on either the last or second last ornament of the season. I haven’t decided if I am quite done yet.  This one is almost identical to the first aside from being on a smaller count fabric in a different colour.

Second Snowflake Ornament Beginnings
Second Snowflake Ornament Beginnings

I am now almost half-finished the ornament though I am having serious doubts it will be finished before Christmas. I think that will be the deciding factor as to whether this will be the last or second last ornament of the season. Between dinners and finishing up with gifts and cleaning and baking and cooking, I haven’t had much time to sit down and work on it. Not to mention I was sick for a few days as well. I hope the person I am working on it for isn’t too upset, but we do all get very busy this time of year.

Second Snowflake Ornament
In its current state…

This is where I left off with it last night. I hope to find some time either tonight or tomorrow to get past the halfway point. It almost feels like I have hit a wall on this one. I have felt this way before while working on projects and it is actually the reason I haven’t touched the vintage colt in so long. I am going to power through though! Just have to find the time during this crazy holiday season!

Finally, as I probably won’t be posting again until after Christmas is past…



4 thoughts on “Christmas is Almost Upon Us…

  1. Such a lovely floss! I think snowflakes fit just as well in January (and February…) as they do around Christmas time so I wouldn’t worry about it too much! 😀

  2. Merry Christmas friend. Hope you’re enjoying the day! (and a I really love the thread you’re using for this ornament)

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