Finishes Around the House – Whoo-hoo? Me too?

Finished Projects around the House

Here it is again, resurrected as promised. Finishes Around the House has returned!

This is Whoo-hoo? Me too? – a pattern I stitched up last spring which you can read about here.  This was also the very first finish I actually framed. This photo was taken back in September when it was sitting by our TV on top of our computer tower for all to see. It has recently moved to a table – also beside the TV – on the opposite side. Still looks great where it is now. I will be keeping this one on display for a very long time to come I think. Looking forward to maybe stitching up its mate Whoo-hoo? Me? to display alongside it! I have already stitched Whoo-hoo? Me? as part of a birth announcement I made up for a close friend.  Both were quick, easy and fun to stitch!


I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas. Ours was a lot quieter than expected but very good nonetheless. I enjoyed it. I am now looking forward to a New Year’s Eve at home, ordering in and watching movies with Jay!



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