First Resolution Completed!

One of the many resolutions I made this year included keeping a promise and stitching one last ornament. It was started well before Christmas (almost three weeks) and fell to the wayside with holiday preparations and the like. Because of all this, I felt awful as it was promised to someone, and so I set to finishing it as soon as possible after Christmas was over. Hence it becoming New Year’s Resolution # 1. Well folks, resolution #1 was accomplished…and almost a week ago now! I completed the stitching on New Year’s Day and finished it as an ornament that day as well.

Last ornament of Christmas 2012 complete!

I even had it mailed out by the 3rd of the month! I was so proud of myself. To top it all off I feel like it got me off on the right foot with the rest of my resolutions. It feels great to have all the ornaments out of the way now and I feel like I can move on to some different projects – Like that birth announcement I mentioned in my 2013 goals post which I imagine I will be posting about soon!

Happy Stitching!


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