TUSAL 2013 – January

Hooray! First TUSAL post of 2013! I decided this time around to take the photo from a different perspective. . .

TUSAL 2013 - January

I think it looks pretty nifty. This year I am planning to not take the exact same photo every month. I want to change things up a bit!

Stitching so far for January has consisted of finishing a snowflake stitched with DMC Light Effects, as well as the beginnings of a birth announcement for my step-sister which is turning out to be my most complicated stitching project to date. I plan to be posting an update on that one very soon.


Joining TUSAL for 2013 is easy. You just have to pay a visit to It’s Daffycat’s blog and leave a comment on her post here.


2 thoughts on “TUSAL 2013 – January

  1. I’m thinking I might have to join TUSAL this year too. Looking forward to another year of your updates, good luck with all the stitchy projects!

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