Been Reading Up A Storm!

It’s only 15 days into the new year have been crazy busy. Be it taking care I’d things around home, working, cross stitching, spending time with family or reading. Boy, have I been reading a lot!

Two weeks into the new year and I have already finished two books. I have three more on the go – I have a bad habit of reading way too many books at once – and I am sure there will be more. The purpose of this post is basically to my reading progress so far this year.

So far I have finished:

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott
Strange Heaven by Lynn Coady

I am currently reading:

The English Patient by Michael Ondaatje
Sunshine Sketches of A Little Town by Stephen Leacock
The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

Regarding the books I have finished so far:

Reading Little Women again was kind of like revisiting some of my childhood reading endeavours.. It has been years since I read it and I think I took a lot more away from reading it this time than the last. I think it may have to do with being more of an age with Meg and Jo, and being better able to relate, regardless of the time period. I, like them, have done a lot of growing up.

 Strange Heaven was quite different from what I normally read – which isn’t a bad thing. It had an interesting premise which is what prompted me to read it (after winning the copy free at a local bookshop), but I felt like the story itself had no resolution and the main character didn’t change much through the book. There was very little character development. The ending as a result fell quite flat for me. It kind of left me wondering what the point of the book was. I believe I will revisit this one again in the future and see if my opinion changes.

Regarding the books I am currently reading:

I started The English Patient a few weeks ago and still haven’t gotten past the first few chapters. I am struggling a little bit as it has gotten off to a rather slow start. Lucky for me I always finish a book I start, even if it does take awhile. The slow start unfortunately is what has pushed me to start reading the other two books I am reading right now…

Sunshine Sketches of A Little Town is a collection of shorter stories rather than a full length novel. So far it is off to a pretty decent start. The writing style of Stephen Leacock is interesting and I like it. I think it is going to end up being a good read. The best part: It was a free download on for Kobo app for my phone!

I picked up my copy of A Handmaid’s Tale a little over a year ago and couldn’t put it down the first time I read it. Talk about a great book recommendation from a friend! The other day I was going through my bookshelf looking for another book to read and it jumped out. Time to read it for a second time. And again, I can’t put it down. I am reading it every night when I get my free time. I wish all books were as good of a read as this.


With all this being said, I was originally concerned that when I was finished these books I would have trouble finding my next read. Luckily, I came across this link to a list of over 600 books to consider choosing from. I am very excited to see what my next book may be! If you may be interested in checking out said list as well, here is the link!


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