The “Almost” Snow Day

A rather large winter storm came through the area late Thursday night and Friday and dumped on us pretty good in the early hours of the morning. I woke up to this around 5am:

The Almost Snow Day

I was hoping of course that this would create the day we all hope for – the Snow Day. It has happened at my place of employment in the past, though not as long as I have worked there. Obviously with all the hype throughout the week about this “huge storm” coming through the area, everyone had their hopes up. I was up at around 5am with Jay while he got ready for work, and then I proceeded to wait and see if I heard anything. And I did: school buses were cancelled, then the elementary and high schools throughout the region were closed. Then one of the local colleges closed as well. I ALSO heard that all transit was running normally, but to (of course) expect delays. Nothing was heard from work saying not to come in. So 7:20am rolled around and I was ready for work and headed out the door to the bus stop to wait for my bus.

I only have to walk about a half block to my stop. This walk is normally about a minute or so long. This morning… more like 5 times that! The snow was the deepest it has been since the big storms we had back in the winter of 2010 when I recall being snowed in for two days. At this point though it was only about 6 to 8 inches deep by my estimate. Anyway, it was just LOVELY:

The Almost Snow Day

I arrived at the bus stop safe and sound, though snow-covered and proceeded to wait for my bus looking at what you see in the photo above. Snow, snow and more snow – how exciting. And of course I was the only one at the stop waiting to go to work. On a normal day there are at least three of us. As much of a pain as all this snow can be, I sometimes forget it can also be quite pretty. Although it almost fell on my head, I though this looked rather nice:
The Almost Snow Day

I was very pleasantly surprised when my bus was only two or three minutes late considering everything. I still managed to catch my second bus and turned out only to be later to work by about 15 minutes – and no this does not mean I was actually late for work. I am normally there as early as a full half hour before my shift starts. Today I was later thanks to the lovely 3 block walk across uncleared roads and down unshoveled sidewalks to make the rest of my way to work on this “almost” snow day.

I worked the day and was very happy to be headed home at the end of it – as we all are on Friday. I exited the office to find semi-cleared sidewalks and semi-cleared roads – making the trip home much easier.

The Almost Snow Day

There was lots of slush to walk through on the way home as well – that was not fun. If only my boots didn’t leak!

Happy “Almost” Snow Day!


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