Remember that progress post I promised?

I know that was already just about a week ago now, but here it is finally. Lots of progress since the last post, right?!

It’s looking pretty phenomenal these days and I really (really) can’t wait until it is finished. I have made even more progress since these photos were taken last weekend, and I will post again shortly – no promises made this time though on when it will be!

I would estimate that I am probably at about the two thirds mark with this one at the moment. I hope to have it finished within the next couple of weeks. I will have a lot of free evenings at home to be working on it while Jay is back on nights.

Latest Progress

I would have to say that my favourite part of this entire pattern is the blanket in the cradle. I love how the teals and blues and pinks go together. There are some really interesting colour combinations in this one as a whole. A good even split between “girl” colours and “boy” colours, though I personally think the general theme leans more toward girl.

The Cradle

I am going to keep on working on this one until it’s done! In fact, I am going to be working on it quite a bit today. Keep on the lookout for more posts on this one and hopefully more as well!

I am hoping to get at least part of the garden started within the next few weeks which means that there will be more posts including the garden for 2013!


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One thought on “Remember that progress post I promised?

  1. Looks phenomenal! Can’t wait to see what you do with the finished project. And I agree, the blanket is my favorite part too, the way the colors blend together and make it look soft and cozy.

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