Adding to the Stitching Stash (Sort of)

As a Valentine’s gift to me, Jay knew exactly what to get me – or help me get anyway. I had mentioned ages ago that I wanted a new stitching hoop or two, or maybe a snap frame to try. I have been using a tired old hoop that actually came in the kit with the very first cross stitch project I ever made. It was time. Being the sweet guy he is, as he had to work that evening, he gave me the money to go pick up my gift myself.

And so I trekked out to Michael’s (about the only craft shop left around here) after work that day (in some terrible weather to boot!) to purchase my gift. I lucked out too, because Michael’s carries a set that includes several different size hoops as well as a snap frame. This girl was very happy! It was a chore getting home after the fact thanks to some really terrible bus timing. It didn’t phase me though as I was too excited to get my new stitching stuffs home!

I’ve been using one of my new hoops on the birth announcement for the last week, and I have tested the snap frame on the vintage colt. Keep an eye out for them in future stitching posts! Stitching feels like it has just gotten a lot easier for me!


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