For the Love of Tea…

Recently, a friend and fellow blogger started sharing some more personal stuff about herself on her blog. (Please check out her blog here!) Her doing so has inspired me to do something similar. Up until now, I have blogged strictly about my hobbies and the odd event I attend in the area. Here’s is the beginning of getting to know a little more about me…


Anyone who really knows me at all knows that I LOVE tea. Don’t ask me me why, they just seem to be a staple for me. My day just doesn’t seem to end quite right without at least one hot mug of tea to help me relax and clear my head in the evening.

I haven’t always had this love for tea though. In fact, it has only really existed for the last year or so.  That was when I discovered DavidsTea and the world of loose leaf teas. They have the most amazing tasting teas and some pretty sweet accessories too! You name the tea (loose tea, that is) and I probably love it. Oolong, herbal, white, green, black, rooibos…yum! And DavidsTea has it all – along with some really creative flavours within those categories too…

Wow, this really sounds like I am trying to sell my tea store! Let’s move on…

Tea is what I drink most of the time… You might even call me a tea addict. I drink it especially when I read and when I stitch (which is seemingly a running trend with stitchers in general…). It helps me to get into “the zone” so to speak. Some of my favourite times are when I am curled up reading or stitching with a movie on in the background and some tea at my side in my favourite mug. Some of my most productive stitching happens during these times.

I have my little (getting bigger) tea collection at home, and I have now taken to keeping a few bags of tea and a tea mug at work as well. Trying to have a bit of the best of both worlds!

Do any of you love tea? Or maybe coffee? Has it become part of your hobby rituals? Feel free to share in the comments!


One thought on “For the Love of Tea…

  1. Used to be a huge tea fan till work became 13 hour days on a regular basis, can’t afford to feel relaxed or comfy anymore so switched to strong coffee. If your into tea Linds I suggest trying out some Indian tea with a bit of ginger (when boiling the water), it’s the most exotic tea flavor I’ve ever tasted around the world.

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