This is the Last You Will See of This…

Rockabye Baby birth announcement

…until it is finally finished. As you can probably tell, I am finally nearing the end. I just have to finish the backstitching and lettering for the little one’s name and birth details. This close to the end, I have decided to make a minor change. The pattern calls for the lettering to be done in dark fudge brown, but I have decided to do the lettering in the dark teal colour that is found elsewhere in the pattern.  I think this will complete it a bit more to my tastes (and little one’s mom’s as well).

I will admit, I am looking forward to seeing the end of this one… Not only so it can finally go to its proper home, but also because I am ready to start working on something new. I have been focusing on this project alone so as to get it done faster, but I am kind of anxious to get back to my old habits of having at least two WIPs on the go.

Can’t wait to share the finished product!


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