Shoes? Or Barefoot? – Footwear Preferences While Stitching

Stitching the Night Away Stitching Bloggers Blog Hop

The monthly blog hop post is returned with number 17. Here’s the prompt:

What’s your favorite footwear for stitching? Or perhaps I should say your favorite lack of footwear when stitching…


For me, it’s definitely a lack of footwear when stitching! I love curling up on the couch in my bare feet while I stitch. Even in winter I am covered up in a blanket when it’s chilly, so barefoot is still my preference.  I hate socks and other things that cover up my feet in general and only wear them when I absolutely have to. If I could go barefoot all the time I totally would.  If I am stitching on the balcony, which I sometimes do in the summer, at best I will be wearing a pair of flip flops.  I own slippers and will wear them from time to time, but even that is very rare. Bare feet all the way!

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