Getting the Balcony Ready for Spring and Gardening

We had some fantastic weather about a week ago, and I took the time to plant my pansies in hopes that the weather would continue and they would be sprouting soon. The weather took a turn, and I don’t have a fancy greenhouse set up in my apartment (due to layout and space issues) so they haven’t sprouted yet. Needless to say the weather is a little frustrating and I am not impressed. Over the past two weeks, we went from +10 Celsius to feeling like it is -13 outside. It’s the end of March, Spring is supposedly here, and it still feels like winter. I was planting at this time last year and had hoped to do the same this year – not so much though. I am at the very least still taking the time to work on things to get the balcony ready for Spring.

It’s been quite a breezy day today and unfortunately our barn star which has been on the wall on our balcony came off the wall today. I heard it blowing all over and brought it inside to keep it safe. I love the way it looks out there, so first thing will be re-mounting it on the wall once it’s warmer outside. Next, I will be organizing my planting stand and throwing out old cracked pots and pots I don’t plan on using. Hopefully I will be able to find them a good home for the pots that are still in good condition and actually avoid throwing them away. I am a stickler for organization and never like to have more supplies around than I actually need. Planting pots are no exception.

Next, we will have to get out balcony furniture out of storage and back out on the balcony. We will be giving it a good cleaning (as is to be expected when something has been stored in a basement for 6 months), and then we will be putting our new cushions on. We went shopping at the garden centre at Lowe’s last week and were able to find some new ones that we really liked since the ones we have had for the past three years were destroyed by squirrels last fall. I am happy to say that I like our new ones better than our old ones anyway. Our bistro set is going to look good this year!

While we were at Lowe’s that day, we also purchased my potting soil and a bird feeder and bird feed. Throughout the spring and summer we always have birds (usually finches) perched on our balcony in the mornings and we have decided that we want to try and attract more of them this year. We found a flat-backed bird feeder that we will be able to mount to one of the posts on our balcony. I think it will be nice to have more birds around. Hopefully, the squirrels won’t become an even bigger nuisance as a result!

Balcony stuff waiting to go outside.
Balcony stuff waiting to go outside.

Last, but not least, when it comes to the garden itself this year, I am starting to make the transition to clay pots from plastic. I just like the looks of clay pots so much better. I am hoping that come next year, everything will be in clay pots except the very large pots. Those will just be way to expensive to convert over. Either way, I think things are going to look good.

I just want spring to finally arrive so I can set these plans in motion. I can’t wait to share how things will look this year.


5 thoughts on “Getting the Balcony Ready for Spring and Gardening

  1. Good luck with the balcony project. I’m so excited for spring to get here! And I just have to give you props on the DVD collection in the background. Not only does it look epic but you have it so well organized.

    1. Thanks! On both counts haha. I love movies and our digital collection here is just as big if not bigger than the actual DVD collection! πŸ™‚

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